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214.67 Emergency sale of assets.


(1) With the prior approval of the division, which shall state that the proposed sale is necessary for the protection of depositors and other creditors, a savings bank may, by a majority vote of its board of directors and, notwithstanding s. 214.65 (1), without a stockholder vote, sell all or any part of its assets to another savings bank, a state or federal savings and loan association, a state bank or a national bank if the savings bank, savings and loan association or bank assumes in writing all of the liabilities of the selling savings bank or to a deposit insurance corporation.


(2) A savings bank may sell to a savings bank, state or federal savings and loan association, state bank or federal bank an insubstantial portion of its total deposits as described in 12 USC 1815 5 (d) (2) (D). Approval of the sale shall be by a majority vote of the board of directors and, with approval of the division and notwithstanding s. 214.65 (1), may be without a stockholder vote.

214.67 - ANNOT.

History: 1991 a. 221; 1995 a. 27, 103.