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214.91 Removal and prohibition authority.


(1) The division may remove from a savings bank any employee, agent or person affiliated with the savings bank if the division finds that the person has done any of the following:


(a) Directly or indirectly violated any state or federal law, regulation, rule or order or any agreement between the savings bank and the division or between the savings bank and the deposit insurance corporation.


(b) Breached fiduciary or professional responsibilities to the savings bank.


(2) The division may serve upon a savings bank employee, agent or person affiliated with the savings bank a written notice of the division's intention to remove or suspend the person from office in the savings bank or to prohibit any further participation in any manner by that person in the conduct of the affairs of a savings bank or of a savings and loan association organized under ch. 215, if the division finds that, because of a violation permitting removal under sub. (1), any of the following conditions exists:


(a) A savings bank has or probably will suffer financial loss or other damage.


(b) The interests of the savings bank's depositors have been or could be prejudiced.


(c) The person received financial gain or other benefit by reason of the violation.


(d) The violation or breach involves personal dishonesty on the part of the person or demonstrates willful or continuing disregard by the person for the safety and soundness of the savings bank.

214.91 - ANNOT.

History: 1991 a. 221; 1995 a. 27.