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215.516 Mutual association may limit indemnification.


(1) A mutual association's obligations to indemnify under s. 215.513 may be limited as follows:


(a) If the mutual association obtains a certificate of incorporation on or after June 13, 1987, by the articles of incorporation, including any amendments to the articles of incorporation.


(b) If the mutual association has obtained a certificate of incorporation before June 13, 1987, by an amendment to the articles of incorporation with an effective date, as provided in s. 215.41 (5), on or after June 13, 1987.


(2) A limitation under sub. (1) applies if the first alleged act of a director or officer for which indemnification is sought occurred while the limitation was in effect.

215.516 - ANNOT.

History: 1987 a. 13.