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215.77 Jurisdictional conversion of capital stock associations.


(1) Procedure to effect conversion. A state-chartered stock association may convert itself into a federal association, and any federal stock association may convert itself into a state-chartered association, as follows:


(a) A meeting of the stockholders shall be held upon not less than 10 days' written notice to each stockholder, served either personally or by mail to the last-known post-office address. The notice shall state the time, place and purpose of such meeting.


(b) At such meeting, the stockholders may by the affirmative vote, in person or by proxy, of not less than two-thirds of the outstanding capital stock of the association the stockholders may by resolution declare to convert the association into a federal association, or in the case of a federal capital stock association into a state-chartered association. A copy of the minutes of the meeting, verified by the affidavit of the chairperson and the secretary of the meeting, shall be filed with the division within 10 days after the meeting.


(c) If the stockholders vote to convert the association, the secretary shall, within 30 days after such meeting serve notice on all stockholders and savers of the association, either personally or by mail directed to them at their last-known post-office addresses. Within 30 days after service of the notice, any saver in the association may notify the association in writing that the saver desires to withdraw savings accounts. Each saver so notifying the association shall be entitled to the withdrawal value of the savings accounts, less any amount due the association.




1. Within 6 months after the adjournment of a meeting to convert into a federal association, the association shall do what is necessary to make it a federal association. Within 10 days after receipt of the federal charter, the association shall file with the division a copy of the federal charter, certified by the deposit insurance corporation. Upon such filing the association shall cease to be a state-chartered association and shall thereafter be a federal association.


2. Within 6 months after the adjournment of a meeting of the stockholders of a federal stock association called for the purpose of converting the association into a state-chartered association, the division shall examine such association and shall determine the action necessary to qualify the converting federal stock association for a state charter. Upon complying with the necessary requirements, a state charter shall be issued to such association.


(2) When state supervision ceases. When conversion from a state-chartered stock association to a federal association becomes effective, the association shall cease to be supervised by this state.


(3) Corporate existence of association does not terminate upon conversion. Upon conversion of any state-chartered stock association into a federal association or vice versa, the corporate existence of the converting association shall not terminate, and the resulting association shall be a continuance of the converting association. All of the property and rights of the converted association shall by operation of law vest in the resulting association as of the time of conversion, and all of its obligations become those of the resulting association. Actions and other judicial proceedings to which the converting association is a party may be prosecuted and defended as if the conversion had not been made.


(4) Approval required before conversion becomes effective. Before any conversion under this section is final and in effect, the written approval of the division must be secured by the converting association.

215.77 - ANNOT.

History: 1975 c. 359, 421; 1993 a. 184; 1995 a. 27, 104.