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218.0152 Rules and regulations.


(1) The licensor shall promote the interests of retail buyers and lessees of motor vehicles relating to default, delinquency, repossession or collection charges and the refund of the finance charge and insurance premium on prepayment of the installment contract or consumer lease. It may define unfair practices in the motor vehicle industry and trade between licensees or between any licensees and retail buyers, lessees or prospective lessees of motor vehicles, but may not limit the price at which licensees may sell, assign or transfer receivables, contracts or other evidence of any obligation arising out of an installment sale or consumer lease made under ss. 218.0101 to 218.0163.




(a) The division of banking, department of transportation and division of hearings and appeals shall have the power in hearings arising under this chapter to do all of the following:


1. Determine the place, in this state, where the hearings shall be held.


2. Subpoena witnesses and documents.


3. Take and permit the taking of depositions of witnesses residing in or outside of this state and to otherwise permit the discovery and preservation of evidence before hearing, in the manner provided for in civil actions in courts of record.


4. Pay the witnesses described in subd. 2 the fees and mileage for their attendance that are provided for witnesses in civil actions in courts of record.


5. Administer oaths.


(b) If the licensor has reason to believe that a violation of ss. 218.0101 to 218.0163 has occurred, the licensor may issue subpoenas to compel the attendance of persons to be examined or the production of materials regarding the violation. Subpoenas shall be issued and served in accordance with ch. 885.


(c) A person providing information under this subsection may request that the information be designated as a trade secret, as defined in s. 134.90 (1) (c), or as confidential business information. The division of hearings and appeals or licensor shall approve the designation if the person providing the information demonstrates that the release of the information would adversely affect the person's competitive position. At least 15 days before any information designated as a trade secret or as confidential business information is disclosed to any other person, the division of hearings and appeals or licensor shall notify the person providing the information. The person providing the information may seek a court order limiting or prohibiting the disclosure, in which case the court shall weigh the need for confidentiality of the information against the public interest in disclosure. Confidentiality is waived if the person providing the information consents in writing to disclosure.


(3) The licensor may promulgate such rules as it considers necessary or proper for the effective administration and enforcement of ss. 218.0101 to 218.0163, but no licensee shall be subject to examination or audit by the licensor except as provided in s. 218.0116 (5).

218.0152 - ANNOT.

History: 1999 a. 31 ss. 248 to 253.

218.0152 - ANNOT.

Cross Reference: See also chs. Trans 137, 138, 139, 140, and 144, Wis. adm. code.