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227.21 Publication of rules; incorporation by reference.


(1) All rules that agencies are directed by this chapter to file with the legislative reference bureau shall be published in the code and register as required under s. 35.93.




(a) Except as provided in s. 601.41 (3) (b), to avoid unnecessary expense an agency may, with the consent of the attorney general, adopt standards established by technical societies and organizations of recognized national standing by incorporating the standards in its rules by reference to the specific issue or issues of the publication in which they appear, without reproducing the standards in full.


(b) The attorney general shall consent to incorporation by reference only in a rule of limited public interest and in a case where the incorporated standards are readily available in published form or are available on optical disk or in another electronic format. Each rule containing an incorporation by reference shall state how the material incorporated may be obtained and, except as provided in s. 601.41 (3) (b), that the standards are on file at the offices of the agency and the legislative reference bureau.


(3) A rule promulgated jointly by 2 or more agencies need not be published in more than one place in the code.


(4) Agency materials that are exempt from the requirements of this chapter under s. 227.01 (13) may be published, either verbatim or in summary form, if the promulgating agency and the legislative reference bureau determine that the public interest would be served by publication.

227.21 - ANNOT.

History: 1985 a. 182; 1987 a. 403; 2001 a. 65; 2005 a. 249; 2007 a. 20, 96, 180.