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24.16 Applications for private sale. Every person making application under s. 24.15 for the purchase at private sale of any public lands shall file in the office of the board an application in writing, describing the lot or tract that the person proposes to purchase by the proper number of the section, township and range, and the subdivision of the section, with the person's name subscribed to the application. The board shall, if the land applied for may then be sold, do all of the following:


(1) Enter on books kept for that purpose a note of the application, specifying the day when made, the name of the applicant, and the description of the land applied for.


(2) Give to the applicant a memorandum signed by the executive secretary of the board, stating the application, describing the lot or tract applied for, and stating the price at which the lot or tract may be sold and the amount to be paid at the time of the sale.

24.16 - ANNOT.

History: 1991 a. 316; 1993 a. 16; 2005 a. 149.