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24.26 Patentee's rights. Except as provided under s. 24.11, any person, or the person's heirs or assigns, who receives a patent pursuant to law for any public lands acquires the right to all timber, lumber, trees, wood, bark, stone, earth, and other materials cut, dug, taken, or removed from the lands subject to the patent before the issue of the patent, unless the materials were cut, dug, taken, or removed by the assent of the board or were sold by the state. The person receiving the patent may maintain an action for the recovery of the materials that were cut, dug, taken, or removed, or for any injury done to or trespass committed upon the lands before the patent was issued, in the same manner, with the same effect, and with the same entitlement to damages as if the injury or trespass had been committed after the patent was issued.

24.26 - ANNOT.

History: 1991 a. 316; 2005 a. 149.