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24.33 Resale may be canceled.


(1) The board, within 3 months after a resale under s. 24.32, may by a written recorded order, a copy of which shall be immediately served on the purchaser of the resold land, avoid and cancel the resale and restore and revive the certificate issued to the original purchaser of the land under s. 24.17, after all of the following occur:


(a) Proof is made that there are valuable improvements on the resold land.


(b) Proof is made that the forfeiture was occasioned by the death of the holder of the first certificate, or the neglect of the first certificate holder's personal representative.


(c) Payment is made to the secretary of administration in the amount actually due on the first certificate at the time of the resale, with interest, costs, and charges, and with interest on the amount for which the land was sold at the rate of 10% per year.


(2) Upon the surrender of the certificate, receipt, or patent given upon the resale, the purchaser of the resold land shall be paid out of the state treasury the amount paid by the purchaser at resale, together with the interest collected from the person redeeming the land.

24.33 - ANNOT.

History: 1979 c. 110 s. 60 (13); 1991 a. 316; 2001 a. 102; 2003 a. 33.