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252.041 Compulsory vaccination during a state of emergency.


(1) Except as provided in sub. (2), during the period under which the department is designated as the lead state agency, as specified in s. 250.042 (2), the department, as the public health authority, may do all of the following as necessary to address a public health emergency:


(a) Order any individual to receive a vaccination unless the vaccination is reasonably likely to lead to serious harm to the individual or unless the individual, for reasons of religion or conscience, refuses to obtain the vaccination.


(b) Isolate or quarantine, under s. 252.06, any individual who is unable or unwilling for reasons specified under sub. (1) to receive vaccination under par. (a).


(2) The department shall promulgate rules that specify circumstances, if any, under which vaccination may not be performed on an individual.

252.041 - ANNOT.

History: 2001 a. 109.