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279.05 Application for bond issuance.


(1) One or more owners of affected property may submit an application requesting the authority to issue bonds to finance all or a portion of the waterway improvement costs associated with the affected property. An application under this subsection shall include all of the following:


(a) A copy of an administrative or judicial order or decree or an administratively or judicially approved agreement that imposes financial responsibility for a waterway improvement on the applicant or applicants.


(b) An acknowledgement by the applicant or applicants that the waterway improvement will confer a benefit on the affected property.


(c) The consent of the applicant or applicants to the levy of an assessment by the authority on the affected property at the times and in the amounts that the authority determines.


(d) A waiver by the applicant or applicants of any requirement for notice and hearing and of any right to oppose the levy of the assessment.


(2) A consenting land owner who submits an application under sub. (1) may recommend to the authority an underwriter for the bonds that the owner of affected property requests the authority to issue.

279.05 – ANNOT.

History: 2007 a. 20.