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283.39 Public notice.


(1) The department shall promulgate by rule procedures for circulating to interested and potentially interested members of the public notices of each complete application for a permit. Procedures for the circulation of public notices shall include at least the following:


(a) Publication of the notice as a class 1 notice under ch. 985;


(b) Mailing of the notice to any person or group upon request.


(2) The department shall provide a period of not less than 30 days following the date of the public notice during which time interested persons may submit their written views on the tentative determinations with respect to the permit application. All written comments submitted during the period for comment shall be retained by the department and considered in the formulation of the final determinations for the permit application.


(3) The department shall by rule prescribe the form and content of public notices issued under sub. (1). Every such notice issued by the department shall include at least the following information:


(a) The name and address of each applicant;


(b) A brief description of each applicant's activities or operations which result in the discharge described in the application;


(c) The name of the waterway to which each discharge is made and a short description of the location of each discharge on the waterway indicating whether such discharge is a new or existing discharge;


(d) A statement of the tentative determination to issue or deny a permit for the discharge described in the application;


(e) A brief description of the procedures for the formulation of final determinations, including the 30-day comment period required under sub. (2).

283.39 - ANNOT.

History: 1973 c. 74; 1975 c. 349; 1995 a. 227 s. 866; Stats. 1995 s. 283.39.