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289.445 Exemption for certain fruit and vegetable washing facilities.


(1) Definitions. As used in this section:


(b) "Washing station" has the meaning given in s. 283.62 (1) (b).


(c) "Wash water" has the meaning given in s. 283.62 (1) (c).


(d) "Wash water storage facility" has the meaning given in s. 283.62 (1) (d).


(2) Exemption. No permit, license or, except as provided in par. (d), plan approval is required under this chapter for the owner of a washing station to establish, construct or operate a solid waste facility for the treatment, storage or disposal of wash water or to compost or land spread plant parts separated from wash water if all of the following requirements are met:


(a) The washing station is not adjacent to or operated as part of a food processing plant, as defined in s. 97.29 (1) (h).


(b) All wash water is either stored in a sealed wash water storage facility or is dispersed on land owned or leased by the owner of the washing station in a manner which avoids ponding, runoff or nuisance conditions and in accordance with acceptable agricultural practices or acceptable practices for the land spreading of waste.


(c) All plant parts that are separated from wash water are either composted or stored in a plant parts storage facility and disposed of using an environmentally safe land spreading technique. The treatment, storage, disposal or composting under this paragraph must be confined to property owned or leased by the owner of the washing station.


(d) For a washing station that anticipates operating at least 100 days per year or that operated at least 100 days during the immediately preceding year, do all of the following:


1. Register annually with the department as a washing station.


2. Submit annually an operating plan that implements best management practices and that is approved by the department.


3. Operate only in accordance with the approved operating plan.

289.445 - ANNOT.

History: 1995 a. 99; 1995 a. 227 s. 538; Stats. 1995 s. 289.445.