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341.07 Certain vehicles to be registered by resident lessee.


(1) If a motor truck or truck tractor is to be operated in this state under authority of a common carrier certificate or contract carrier license issued by the department to a resident of this state, including a Wisconsin corporation, and such operation is in accordance with a lease or operating agreement with the owner of the motor truck or truck tractor or other person authorized to enter into such lease or operating agreement, the certificated or licensed carrier shall register such motor truck or truck tractor in this state unless it has been so registered by the owner. This section applies even though the motor truck or truck tractor is owned by a nonresident.


(2) If a motor truck or truck tractor is operated by or with the consent of such certificated or licensed carrier on any highway of this state when such vehicle is not registered in this state or when such vehicle is required by s. 341.04 (2) to be reregistered, such carrier is subject to the penalty provided in s. 341.04 (3). The court, in addition to imposing the penalty, shall order the carrier to make application for registration or reregistration and to pay the fee therefor.


(3) This section does not affect the interchange of trailers and semitrailers as authorized by s. 341.41 (4).

341.07 - ANNOT.

History: 1977 c. 29 s. 1654 (9) (f); 1981 c. 347 s. 80 (2); 1993 a. 16.