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35.015 Exempt printing.


(1) Any printing which is published by students of the University of Wisconsin System and which is funded solely from student fees or student organization income is not subject to this chapter.


(2) Any printing for a single job which the department determines may be printed at a cost less than $50, other than stationery required for the use of the state, printing authorized and required by the legislature to be done for its use, or printing authorized and required by law to be done for the state, is not subject to this chapter.


(3) Printing is exempt from this chapter when the department exercises the discretion vested in s. 16.82 (4) to determine what printing shall be done by the state itself and what shall be contracted and when printing of forms is done by prison industries, as created under s. 303.01 (1).

35.015 - ANNOT.

History: 1975 c. 39, 200; 1981 c. 350; 1989 a. 31.