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35.03 Powers of department. The department shall:


(1) Let contracts for public printing and for the purchase of paper in the manner provided in this chapter.


(2) Receive printer's copy and requisitions for public printing from parties authorized by law to present them.


(3) Deliver such copy to the contract printer with written orders that the copy be printed.


(4) Direct the manner, form, style, quantity and method, when these are not expressly prescribed by law, of printing for state agencies except printing of the first class; and provide editorial services to state agencies in the preparation of copy for the printer.


(5) Promulgate rules for the conduct of business.


(6) Make reports to the joint committee on finance setting forth the cost of the public printing during the preceding fiscal term, with recommendations of any retrenchments that can be made therein.


(7) Order such further editions as may be necessary to supply demands whenever any original edition of the Laws of Wisconsin, or Wisconsin statutes, proves inadequate to meet the estimated future demands therefor, but no reprinting shall occur after the original type or plates have been distributed or rearranged. Such reprints shall be charged to the same appropriation as the original editions.


(8) In solicitation of bids, subdivide classes of printing, creating additional classes, or change printing from one class to another in establishing contracts, whenever the department determines that further or different classification will benefit the state.


(9) Furnish the paper to be used by contract printers or, when it is more economical, purchase paper from contract printers.

35.03 - ANNOT.

History: 1971 c. 125; 1989 a. 359; 1991 a. 39; 1995 a. 27.