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35.15 Laws of Wisconsin.




(a) No later than the end of each session of the legislature, the legislative reference bureau shall prepare camera-ready copy for one or more volumes denominated "Laws of Wisconsin", and identified by the year in which that session began.


(b) The volume shall contain all acts enacted during such session, all important joint resolutions of the session, and an alphabetical index to the volume prepared by the legislative reference bureau.


(c) The copy shall show the date of enactment of each act, the date of publication of each act and published joint resolution, the number of the proposal from which the act or joint resolution originated and the house in which it originated and shall be in the form prescribed by the joint rules. The copy shall omit the signature of the officers affixed to the enrolled act or joint resolution.


(d) The department shall determine the number of copies to be printed.


(e) After making the necessary comparison, the chief of the legislative reference bureau shall issue a certificate, to be filed in the office of the secretary of state as a public record, that he or she has compared the printed acts with the original acts on file in the office of the secretary of state, and that they appear to be correctly printed. Each volume of the Laws of Wisconsin shall contain a printed copy of such certificate.


(2) The legislative reference bureau shall publish the Laws of Wisconsin as expeditiously as possible in such number of volumes and at such times as the bureau determines to be appropriate. If acts are enacted or joint resolutions are adopted while a volume is in production, the bureau may elect to publish them as a pocket part to the bound volume.

35.15 - ANNOT.

History: 1977 c. 29; 1979 c. 110 s. 60 (3); 1981 c. 372; 1991 a. 39; 2007 a. 20.