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35.24 Blue Book.


(1) The legislative reference bureau shall compile, index, prepare and deliver to the department biennially copy for a book to be denominated "Wisconsin Blue Book" and identified by the biennium of its intended use.


(a) The Blue Book shall contain the biographies and pictures of state officers, senators and representatives to the assembly and officers of each house, information pertaining to the organization of Wisconsin state government, and statistical and other information of the same general character as that heretofore published, but so selected and condensed as will limit the number of pages to 1,000 or less. In making such selection the legislative reference bureau is directed to consult freely with the state superintendent of public instruction and the director of the historical society, and insofar as possible, make the book useful for civics classes in schools.


(b) The department shall deliver camera-ready copy to the contract printer, to be printed and delivered as soon as practicable after the spring election of the odd-numbered year.


(2) The Blue Book shall be case-bound in hard covers and shall have a blue spine.


(3) Reprints of the feature article shall be bound in paper covers and shall be in such quantity as is authorized for each specific reprint by the joint committee on legislative organization. The cost of reprints shall be paid from the appropriation under s. 20.765 (1) (d).

35.24 - ANNOT.

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