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35.29 Books, pamphlets and magazines.


(1) State agencies may order printed such materials as may be necessary for the proper administration of their offices, subject to distribution and sales regulations provided in this chapter and determinations of the department under s. 16.82 (4) (b). Unless otherwise provided by law, state agencies may make free distribution of such materials or may fix and collect a charge therefor, not to exceed cost, including distribution cost as determined under s. 35.80.


(1m) No state agency may distribute any materials printed under sub. (1) directly to any member of the legislature, except in the manner provided in this subsection. If a state agency wishes to make available any materials under sub. (1) to members of the legislature, the agency shall send a notice to all members briefly describing the materials. If a member notifies the state agency that the member wishes to receive a copy of specified materials, the agency may then distribute the materials to that member.


(2) Upon receiving the necessary printer's copy the department shall order printing as follows: Of the opinions of the attorney general, not more than 1,000 copies; and of the decisions of the public service commission, not more than 500 copies.

35.29 - ANNOT.

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