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35.835 State document distribution; exemptions.


(1) Except as specified in sub. (2), state documents published exclusively for public sale by presses established by the University of Wisconsin System or the state historical society and state documents sold primarily on a subscription basis are exempt from the state document depository library distribution requirements under s. 35.83.


(2) Each state agency shall deliver to the division without charge 3 copies of each state document exempted under sub. (1). The division shall deliver one copy to the state historical society and one copy to the legislative reference bureau.


(3) A state agency may restrict distribution of a state document prepared by or for that state agency to only that number necessary for distribution to the state document depository libraries specified under s. 35.83 (3) (a) to (d) if the state document is published in limited quantities because of its cost or the nature of the information that it contains.


(4) This section does not apply to state documents distributed under s. 35.84.

35.835 - ANNOT.

History: 1991 a. 285.