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35.85 Other distribution. The department shall make the following distribution of public printing in addition to that indicated in s. 35.84:


(1) The chief clerk of each house of the legislature shall, upon request, be supplied for use during the session with the bound journals of any previous session of the legislature. The department may sell such copies of the bound journals not required for the above distribution or for distribution otherwise prescribed by law, and may sell older editions at reduced prices. All prices shall be fixed by the department.


(2) Of parts of official reports, pamphlets and magazines, and pamphlet laws, printed by authority of ss. 35.28 and 35.29, one copy to each person named in lists filed for the purpose of such distributions by the respective state agencies upon whose requisition the same were printed except that blocks of such publications may be allotted to the requisitioning agency for official use subject to approval of the department.


(3) Each county, town, village and city shall purchase from the department for the municipal judges and for other officers of the county or municipality such number of copies of the statutes and other official documents not distributed under s. 35.84 as are needed for its official purposes.


(4) If the department obtains copies of any document for which distribution is required under s. 35.83, and the division informs the department in writing that the state agency publishing the document has not distributed the document in accordance with s. 35.83 (3), the department shall distribute the document in accordance with s. 35.83 (3) and shall charge the state agency publishing the document for the cost of distribution.


(5) The department may order such further distribution of the statutes, annotations and Laws of Wisconsin as may be needed for official use by any justice of the supreme court or by any state agency.


(8) All briefs and other materials printed for the supreme court shall be delivered to the clerk of that court for distribution.


(11) The chief clerks of the legislature shall promptly send to each county clerk, to the Milwaukee County Law Library, and upon application, to each state university, college and public library in this state, copies of all legislative documents together with proper filing appliances for all sessions. Each county clerk shall keep these documents open to public inspection in the clerk's office.


(12) In addition to the distributions authorized by s. 35.84 and this section, the department shall deliver, upon request of the state historical society or the state law library, additional copies of any state publication in its possession after the department has fulfilled all of the distribution requirements of s. 35.84 and this section, as may be needed for the use of the state historical society or the state law library; and upon the request of any state officer, such copies of any printing of the 3rd class as may be necessary or convenient for the business of such officer. But no state officer shall receive more than one such copy for his or her own use nor more than one copy for each assistant and chief clerk in his or her office. The department shall notify the historical society and the state law library of the receipt by it of each separate lot of public printing. The department shall charge the cost of distributions made in accordance with this subsection to the requisitioning state agency.


(13) Departmental distribution programs, which are not specified in this chapter, may be established, provided that they do not conflict with this chapter.

35.85 - ANNOT.

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