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35.86 Exchanges.


(1) The director of the historical society may procure the exchange of public documents produced by federal, state, county, local, and other agencies as may be desirable to maintain or enlarge its historical, literary, and statistical collections, and may make such distributions of public documents, with or without exchange, as may accord with interstate or international comity. The state law librarian shall procure so many of such exchanges as the state law librarian is authorized by law to make, and the department of health services, department of children and families, commission of banking, department of public instruction, legislative reference bureau, and the legislative council staff, may procure by exchange such documents from other states and countries as may be needed for use in their respective offices. Any other state agency wishing to initiate a formal exchange program in accordance with this section may do so by submitting a formal application to the department and by otherwise complying with this section.


(2) Exchange lists, containing the number of public documents received and the number of state documents distributed in exchange, shall be filed with the department by the respective state agencies authorized to procure exchanges, and the documents specified therein shall be forwarded by the department with carriage charges prepaid.


(3) The department shall authorize no distribution to be made in exchange until exchange lists have been received by it in compliance with this section.


(5) The department shall charge the cost of exchanges, including the costs specified in s. 35.80, to the appropriations of the state agencies filing exchange lists with the department.


(6) The department shall inform all state agencies of this section.

35.86 - ANNOT.

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