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425.105 Cure of default.


(1) A merchant may not accelerate the maturity of a consumer credit transaction, commence any action except as provided in s. 425.205 (6), or demand or take possession of collateral or goods subject to a consumer lease other than by accepting a voluntary surrender thereof (s. 425.204), unless the merchant believes the customer to be in default (s. 425.103), and then only upon the expiration of 15 days after a notice is given pursuant to s. 425.104 if the customer has the right to cure under this section.


(2) Except as provided in subs. (3) and (3m), for 15 days after such notice is given, a customer may cure a default under a consumer credit transaction by tendering the amount of all unpaid installments due at the time of the tender, without acceleration, plus any unpaid delinquency or deferral charges, and by tendering performance necessary to cure any default other than nonpayment of amounts due. The act of curing a default restores to the customer the customer's rights under the agreement as though no default had occurred.


(3) A right to cure shall not exist if the following occurred twice during the preceding 12 months:


(a) The customer was in default on the same transaction or open-end credit plan;


(b) The creditor gave the customer notice of the right to cure such previous default in accordance with s. 425.104; and


(c) The customer cured the previous default.


(3m) A right to cure shall not exist with respect to a default specified under s. 425.103 (2) (bm).


(4) With respect to consumer credit transactions in which the creditor has a security interest in, and possession of, instruments or documents, as each is defined in s. 409.102 (1), which threaten to decline speedily in value, this section does not restrict the creditor's rights to dispose of such property pursuant to subch. VI of ch. 409 and the terms of the creditor's security agreement.

425.105 - ANNOT.

History: 1971 c. 239; 1975 c. 407, 421; 1991 a. 316; 2001 a. 10; 2005 a. 110.

425.105 - ANNOT.

The s. 425.105 (1) prohibition of suits except when notice is given pursuant to s. 425.104 imposes timing and content requirements for the notice. A notice that did not meet the timing requirements of ss. 425.103 (2) (a) and 425.104 (1) never gave notice "pursuant to s. 425.104." Thus suit was barred by s. 425.105 (1). Indianhead Motors v. Brooks, 2006 WI App 266, 297 Wis. 2d 821, 726 Wis. 2d 352, 06-1002.