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426.105 Administrative powers with respect to supervised financial organizations.


(1) All powers and duties of the administrator under chs. 421 to 427 and 429 shall be exercised by the administrator with respect to a supervised financial organization.


(2) If the administrator receives a complaint or other information concerning noncompliance with chs. 421 to 427 and 429 by a supervised financial organization, the administrator shall inform the official or agency having supervisory authority over the organization concerned. The administrator may request information about supervised financial organizations from the officials or agencies supervising them.


(3) The administrator and any official or agency of this state having supervisory authority over a supervised financial organization shall consult and assist one another in maintaining compliance with chs. 421 to 427 and 429.They may jointly pursue investigations, prosecute suits and take other official action, as they deem appropriate, if either of them otherwise is empowered to take the action.

426.105 - ANNOT.

History: 1971 c. 239; 1979 c. 89; 1995 a. 329.