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45.07 Wisconsin Veterans Museum.


(1) The department of administration shall provide suitable space for the purpose of a memorial hall, designated as the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, dedicated to the veterans of Wisconsin and to the men and women of Wisconsin who served in the armed forces of the United States during the civil war of 1861 to 1865 and during any subsequent period. The department of veterans affairs shall operate the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. The mission of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum is to acknowledge, commemorate, and affirm the role of Wisconsin veterans in the United States of America's military past by means of instructive exhibits and other educational programs.


(2) The battle flags of Wisconsin units serving in the nation's wars and all relics and mementos of the nation's wars donated to or otherwise acquired by the state for display in the Wisconsin Veterans Museum shall constitute the memorial collection. The department shall do all of the following:


(a) Catalog and identify all war relics and mementos of the memorial collection.


(b) Restore, preserve, and safeguard the relics and mementos of the memorial collection.


(c) Procure additions to the memorial collection.


(d) Provide proper display equipment and display the memorial collection to make it instructive and attractive to visitors.

45.07 – ANNOT.

History: 2005 a. 22.

45.07 – ANNOT.

Cross Reference: See also ch. VA 5, Wis. adm. code.