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54.970 Exemption of 3rd person from liability. A 3rd person in good faith and without a court order may act on instructions of, or otherwise deal with, a person purporting to make a transfer as, or purporting to act in the capacity of, a custodial trustee. In the absence of knowledge to the contrary, the 3rd person is not responsible for determining any of the following:


(1) The validity of the purported custodial trustee's designation.


(2) The propriety of, or the authority under this subchapter for, any action of the purported custodial trustee.


(3) The validity or propriety of an instrument executed or instruction given pursuant to this subchapter either by the person purporting to make a transfer or declaration or by the purported custodial trustee.


(4) The propriety of the application of property vested in the purported custodial trustee.

54.970 - ANNOT.

History: 1991 a. 246; 2005 a. 253; 2005 a. 387 s. 564; Stats. 2005 s. 54.970.