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560.07 Promotion. The department shall provide coordinating services to aid state and local groups in the promotion of economic enterprises and shall conduct such publicity and promotional activities as are desirable to stimulate all facets of the economy and to this end it shall specifically:


(1) Collect and disseminate information regarding the advantages of developing business and industrial enterprises in this state.


(2) Stimulate and foster the development of the private industry of this state.


(2m) In cooperation with the University of Wisconsin Small Business Development Center, the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, the technical college system board and the University of Wisconsin-Extension, collect and disseminate information regarding employee-owned businesses and promote the appropriate establishment of employee-owned businesses.


(3) For the purpose of attracting persons interested in locating new enterprises in this state:


(a) Serve as the state's official liaison agency between persons interested in locating new economic enterprises in Wisconsin, and state and local groups seeking new enterprises. In this respect the department shall aid communities in organizing for and obtaining new business or expanding existing business and shall respond to requests that reflect interest in locating economic enterprises in the state. When the secretary considers appropriate, the department shall refer requests for economic development assistance to Forward Wisconsin, Inc., and shall attempt to prevent duplication of efforts between the department and Forward Wisconsin, Inc.


(c) Whenever appropriate, submit to the secretary of administration a report setting forth the amount of private contributions received by Forward Wisconsin, Inc., since the time the department last submitted such a report.


(4) Collect and disseminate information regarding the ports of the state and promote the advantages of developing new business for the ports of the state.


(5) Study, promote and implement means of expanding foreign and domestic markets for products of this state.


(6) The secretary shall annually meet with the secretary of agriculture, trade and consumer protection to mutually agree on any joint program efforts.


(7) Encourage public and private agencies or bodies to publicize the facilities and attractions of the state.

560.07 - ANNOT.

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