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560.19 Pollution prevention.


(1) In this section, "pollution prevention" has the meaning given in s. 299.13 (1) (dm).


(2) From the appropriation under s. 20.143 (1) (em), the department may contract with the board of regents of the University of Wisconsin System for educational services from the University of Wisconsin-Extension solid and hazardous waste education center. If the department enters into a contract under this subsection, the contract shall provide that the solid and hazardous waste center shall do all of the following:


(a) Expand its educational program to include business assessment activities that are specified in the contract and that have the following purposes:


1. Determining the full costs of using and producing hazardous substances, toxic pollutants and solid or hazardous waste.


2. Identifying processes that use or produce hazardous substances, toxic pollutants or solid or hazardous waste and the composition of the hazardous substances, toxic pollutants or solid or hazardous waste.


3. Identifying pollution prevention options.


(b) Consider all of the following in conducting the business assessment activities under the contract:


1. The need for a pollution prevention assessment and a program participant's willingness to participate in an assessment.


2. The technical and financial ability of a program participant to implement pollution prevention.


3. The potential for others to use the information gained from a pollution prevention assessment.


(3) In coordination with the solid and hazardous waste education center under s. 36.25 (30) and the department of natural resources, the department shall conduct an education, environmental management and technical assistance program to promote pollution prevention among businesses in the state.

560.19 - ANNOT.

History: 1989 a. 325; 1989 a. 359 s. 381; 1993 a. 16; 1995 a. 27, 227; 1997 a. 27; 1999 a. 9.