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560.204 Hardware and software used to maintain medical records.


(1) The department shall implement a program to certify health care providers as eligible for the electronic medical records credit under ss. 71.07 (5i), 71.28 (5i), and 71.47 (5i).


(2) If the department certifies a health care provider under sub. (1), the department shall determine the amount of credits to allocate to the health care provider. The total amount of electronic medical records credits allocated to health care providers in any year may not exceed $10,000,000.


(3) The department shall inform the department of revenue of every health care provider certified under sub. (1) and the amount of credits allocated to the health care provider.


(4) The department, in consultation with the department of revenue, shall promulgate rules to administer this section.

560.204 - ANNOT.

History: 2007 a. 20.