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560.704 Eligible activities in economically distressed areas and benefiting members of targeted groups. The department may authorize a person certified under s. 560.701 (2) to claim additional tax benefits under s. 560.703 if, after conducting an investigation, the department determines any of the following:


(1) The person conducts at least one eligible activity in an area designated by the department as economically distressed. In designating an area as economically distressed under this subsection, the department shall follow the methodology established by rule under s. 560.706 (2) (e).


(2) The person conducts at least one eligible activity that benefits, creates, retains, or significantly upgrades full-time jobs for, that trains, or that reeducates, members of a targeted group.

560.704 - ANNOT.

History: 2009 a. 2.