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560.737 Business incubators. Notwithstanding s. 560.735 (5) and (6), the department may designate the premises of a business incubator located near a development zone as part of the development zone, if all of the following apply:


(1) At least 50% of the small businesses housed in the small business incubator have received or participated in any of the following:


(a) Federal targeted jobs tax credits under section 51 of the internal revenue code.


(b) A workforce investment activity under 29 USC 2801 to 2945.


(c) Any other program, similar to the program described in sub. (2), established to increase the employment opportunities of disadvantaged individuals.


(2) The business incubator has housed businesses described in sub. (1) for at least 6 months before the designation of the development zone under s. 560.71.


(3) The business incubator's facility is located within 5 miles of the boundary of the development zone or proposed development zone.


(4) No premises of a business incubator may be designated as part of a development zone under this section after March 6, 2009.

560.737 - ANNOT.

History: 1989 a. 31; 1999 a. 9; 2009 a. 2.