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563.62 Reports improperly filed.


(1) The department may refuse to renew a license of an organization found to be delinquent in filing its financial statement or found to have filed an incomplete statement of bingo operations.


(2) If a licensed organization fails to file a financial statement of bingo operations within 5 days after notification by the department of the delinquency, the department may suspend the license, pending the filing of the financial statement.


(3) If the financial statement filed by a licensed organization is not fully, accurately and truthfully completed, the department may refuse to renew a license or may suspend a license until such time as a statement in proper form has been filed.

563.62 - ANNOT.

History: 1973 c. 156; 1977 c. 418; 1979 c. 34 s. 2100 (45) (a); 1991 a. 269 ss. 782ih; Stats. 1991 s. 563.62; 1995 a. 27 s. 9123 (6pp); 1997 a. 27.