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69.05 Duties of local registrar. A local registrar shall:


(1) Be subject to the direction of the state registrar.


(2) Transmit to the state registrar, within 10 working days after receipt, any original vital record.


(3) If the county of residence of a registrant of a birth or death certificate accepted for filing is different than the county in which the local registrar is located, forward to the register of the deeds of the registrant's county of residence within 10 working days after receipt:


(a) A copy of every original birth or death certificate accepted for filing.


(b) A copy of any copy received from the state registrar under s. 69.03 (11).


(3m) If the mother of a registrant of a birth certificate resides in a city and the birth certificate is not filed in such city, send a copy of the birth certificate to the local health department with jurisdiction for the city if:


(a) The local health department has a maternal-child visitation or information program;


(b) The local health department has requested the copy and notified the state registrar of its request; and


(c) The state registrar has approved the request.


(4) Preserve, amend and certify vital records under this subchapter by photographic, electronic or other means as directed by the state registrar, except that a local registrar may destroy birth certificates on file for more than 365 days if the state registrar determines that the local registrar has access through the state registrar's computer database to the information necessary to issue certified copies under s. 69.21 (1) (b) 2.


(5) Enforce this subchapter in his or her registration district and report to the state registrar in writing any violation upon receipt of knowledge of the violation.


(7) Send a note of the designation of a deputy to the state registrar no later than one working day after the designation takes effect. The notice shall include a copy of the deputy's signature and the effective date of the designation.

69.05 - ANNOT.

History: 1985 a. 315; 1989 a. 359; 1993 a. 27; 1997 a. 114; 1999 a. 185.

69.05 - ANNOT.

A local registrar has no power to adopt procedures that are more stringent than those directed by the state registrar for issuing certified copies of vital records under s. 69.21 (1). 80 Atty. Gen. 35.