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7.03 Compensation of election officials and trainees.




(a) Except as authorized under this paragraph, a reasonable daily compensation shall be paid to each inspector, voting machine custodian, automatic tabulating equipment technician, member of a board of canvassers, messenger, and tabulator who is employed and performing duties under chs. 5 to 12. Daily compensation shall also be provided to inspectors and inspector trainees for attendance at training programs conducted by the board and municipal clerks under ss. 7.31 and 7.315. Alternatively, such election officials and trainees may be paid by the hour at a proportionate rate for each hour actually worked. Any election official or trainee may choose to volunteer his or her services by filing with the municipal clerk of the municipality in which he or she serves a written declination to accept compensation. The volunteer status of the election official or trainee remains effective until the official or trainee files a written revocation with the municipal clerk.


(b) Except as provided in par. (bm), any compensation owed shall be paid by the municipality in which the election is held, except that any compensation payable to a technician, messenger, tabulator, or member of the board of canvassers who is employed to perform services for the county shall be paid by the county and compensation payable to any messenger or tabulator who is employed to perform services for the state shall be paid by the board.


(bm) Whenever a special election is called by a county or by a school district, a technical college district, a sewerage district, a sanitary district, or a public inland lake protection and rehabilitation district, the county or district shall pay the compensation of election officials performing duties in those municipalities, as determined under sub. (2).


(c) If a central counting location serving more than one municipality is utilized under s. 7.51 (1), the cost of compensation of election officials at the location shall be proportionately divided between the municipalities utilizing the location, except that if all municipalities within a county utilize the location, the compensation shall be paid by the county.


(d) Except as otherwise provided in par. (a), special registration deputies appointed under s. 6.55 (6), special voting deputies appointed under s. 6.875 (4) and officials and trainees who attend training sessions under s. 7.15 (1) (e) or 7.25 (5) may also be compensated by the municipality where they serve at the option of the municipality.


(2) The amount of compensation of election officials, when authorized or required, shall be fixed by the appropriate county board of supervisors, municipal governing body, or municipal board of election commissioners in cities over 500,000 population. The board shall fix the amount to be paid any person employed to perform duties for the state. If the board employs an individual to perform duties which are the responsibility of a county or municipality, the board shall charge the expense to the county or municipality.

7.03 - ANNOT.

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