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703.32 Easements and encroachments.


(1) Presumption as to existing physical boundaries. Any existing physical boundaries of any unit or common elements constructed or reconstructed in substantial conformity with the condominium plat shall be conclusively presumed to be its boundaries, regardless of the shifting, settlement or lateral movement of any building and regardless of minor variations between the physical boundaries as described in the declaration or shown on the condominium plat and the existing physical boundaries of any such unit or common element. This presumption applies only to encroachments within the condominium.


(2) Encroachment as result of authorized construction, reconstruction or repair. If any portion of any common element encroaches on any unit or if any portion of a unit encroaches on any common element, as a result of the duly authorized construction, reconstruction or repair of a building, a valid easement for the encroachment and for the maintenance of the same shall exist so long as the building stands.


(3) Easements included in grant of unit. A grant or other disposition of a condominium unit shall include and grant and be subject to any easement arising under the provisions of this section without specific or particular reference to the easement.


(4) Association's right of entry to make repairs. An association shall have an irrevocable right and an easement to enter units to make repairs to common elements when the repairs reasonably appear necessary for public safety or to prevent damage to other portions of the condominium. Except in cases involving manifest danger to public safety or property, an association shall make a reasonable effort to give notice to the owner of any unit to be entered for the purpose of such repairs. No entry by an association for the purposes specified in this subsection may be considered a trespass.

703.32 - ANNOT.

History: 1977 c. 407.