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809.81 Rule (Form of papers). A paper filed in the court must conform to the following requirements unless expressly provided otherwise in these rules:


(1) Size. 8-1/2 x 11 inches.


(2) Number of copies. Five copies in the court of appeals, 9 copies in the supreme court, and 3 copies of a motion filed under s. 809.14 in the court of appeals if the appeal or other proceeding is one of the types of cases specified in s. 752.31 (2).


(3) Style. Produced using either a monospaced or a proportional serif font.


(4) Spacing and margins. Double-spaced with a minimum of a 1.5 inch margin on each of the 4 sides.


(5) Pagination. Paginated at the center of the bottom margin.


(6) Copying process. Any duplicating or copying process that produces a clear, black image on white paper. Carbon copies may not be filed.


(7) Binding. Bound or stapled at the top margin.


(8) Confidentiality. Every notice of appeal or other document that is filed in the court and that is required by law to be confidential shall refer to individuals only by their first name and the first initial of their last name.


(9) Captions. Except as provided in s. 809.81 (8), the caption of any document shall include the full name of each party in the circuit court and shall designate each party so as to identify each party's status in the circuit court and in the appellate court, if any. In the supreme court, "petitioner" shall be added to the designation of a party filing a petition for review. The designation of a party responding to a petition for review shall remain the same as in the court of appeals.

809.81 - ANNOT.

History: Sup. Ct. Order, 83 Wis. 2d xiii (1978); Sup. Ct. Order, 104 Wis. 2d xi (1981); Sup. Ct. Order No. 93-18, 179 Wis. 2d xxi; Sup. Ct. Order No. 93-20, 179 Wis. 2d xxv; Sup. Ct. Order No. 00-02, 2001 WI 39, 242 Wis. 2d xxvii; Sup. Ct. Order No. 02-01, 2002 WI 120, 255 Wis. 2d xiii.

809.81 - ANNOT.

Judicial Council Committee's Note, 1978: The 8-1/2 x 11 letter size paper is adopted as the standard size for all papers to be filed in the Court of Appeals in place of using both 8-1/2 x 14 and 8-1/2 by 11. A standard size paper simplifies records management. There is a national trend away from legal size paper. [Re Order effective July 1, 1978]

809.81 - ANNOT.

Judicial Council Committee's Note, 1981: Sub. (2) is amended to clarify that an original must be filed with the 4 copies in the court of appeals or with the 8 copies in the supreme court. [Re Order effective Jan. 1, 1982]

809.81 - ANNOT.

Judicial Council Note, 2001: Subsection (2) was amended to eliminate the distinction between "original" and "copy," because current technology produces copies of quality as good as the original. Subsection (8) requires that only the first name and last initial be used in all documents in confidential cases. [Re Order No. 00-02 effective July 1, 2001]

809.81 - ANNOT.

Judicial Council Note, 2002: Subsection (9) is created to clarify that the same caption should be used on all documents filed in an appellate case, and specifies that caption. Captions on pleadings and other documents filed pursuant to this rule are consistent with the current s. 809.19 (9) requirement governing captions on briefs. [Re Order No. 02-01 effective January 1, 2003]