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814.65 Fees of the municipal court.


(1) Court costs. In a municipal court action, except for a financial responsibility violation under s. 344.62 (2) or for a violation of an ordinance in conformity with s. 343.51 (1m) (b) or 347.48 (2m)[,] the municipal judge shall collect a fee of not less than $15 nor more than $28 on each separate matter, whether it is on default of appearance, a plea of guilty or no contest, on issuance of a warrant or summons, or the action is tried as a contested matter. Of each fee received by the judge under this subsection, the municipal treasurer shall pay monthly $5 to the secretary of administration for deposit in the general fund and shall retain the balance for the use of the municipality.

814.65 - ANNOT.

NOTE: The comma shown in brackets was deleted by 2009 Wis. Act 121 without being stricken. No change was intended. Corrective legislation is pending.


(2) Witness and interpreter's fees. The fees of witnesses and interpreters shall be paid as specified in s. 814.67.


(3) Attorney fees. A municipal court shall not impose and collect attorney fees.


(4) Taxation of fees and costs.


(a) Other than fees specified in sub. (1) and costs specified in par. (b), no fees or costs are taxable by a municipality to a party before a municipal court unless it is directly chargeable to the municipality as a disbursement, such as service of process costs.


(b) If service of process is accomplished by municipal personnel, the cost of the service prescribed under ss. 814.70 and 814.71, subject to any modification applicable under s. 814.705, is taxable regardless of whether a separate disbursement is made to specifically reimburse the municipal employee or agency.


(5) Costs and fees on appeal. On appeal from municipal court, the appellant shall pay the fee prescribed in s. 814.61 (8). The appellant shall also pay a fee of $10 for the transcript prepared under s. 800.14 (5). Costs shall be as provided in s. 814.08.

814.65 - ANNOT.

History: 1981 c. 317; 1983 a. 107; 1987 a. 181, 389, 399, 403; 1989 a. 22; 1991 a. 26; 1997 a. 27; 2003 a. 30, 33, 320; 2005 a. 54, 455; 2007 a. 96; 2009 a. 28, 100, 121.

814.65 - ANNOT.

The phrase "each separate matter" in sub. (1) refers to the various methods in which a single legal action can come before a municipal court for final disposition. The fee authorized by sub. (1) is therefore a fee that can be charged only once in a municipal court action, regardless of how many warrants or commitment orders are issued in the action prior to its final disposition. OAG 8-09.

814.65 - ANNOT.

A municipality does not have statutory authority to impose a charge separate from the fee collected under sub. (1) that can be taxed as a cost to a municipal court defendant and that is payable to the municipal plaintiff either for the issuance of each warrant or commitment order by a municipal court in a single legal action or for service by municipal personnel of each warrant or commitment order issued by a municipal court in a single legal action. OAG 8-09.