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84.1028 Wisconsin Fire Fighters-EMT/Citizen Soldier Bridge.


(1) The department shall designate and, subject to sub. (2), mark the westbound lanes of any bridge on STH 29 across the Chippewa River in Chippewa County as the "Wisconsin Fire Fighters-EMT/Citizen Soldier Bridge" to recognize and honor all fire fighters and emergency medical technicians of this state for their dedicated service to the public in protecting life, health, and property, and in recognition of the right of the citizens of this state to keep and bear arms and as a tribute to all citizen soldiers of this state.


(2) Upon receipt of sufficient contributions from interested parties, including any county, city, village, or town, to cover the costs of erecting and maintaining markers on the bridge specified in sub. (1) to clearly identify to motorists the designation of the bridge as the "Wisconsin Fire Fighters-EMT/Citizen Soldier Bridge," the department shall erect and maintain the markers. No state funds, other than from the receipt of contributions under this subsection, may be expended for the erection or maintenance of the markers.

84.1028 - ANNOT.

History: 2003 a. 218.