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84.115 Bridge in Door County.


(1) Notwithstanding ss. 84.11 and 84.14, and subject to sub. (3) (b), the department shall construct a bridge in the city of Sturgeon Bay in Door County that connects upper Door County and lower Door County. Construction of the bridge shall commence not later than one year after July 27, 2005, and prior to reconstruction of the Michigan Street Bridge in the city of Sturgeon Bay in Door County.




(a) In this subsection, "design-build procurement process" means a method of contracting for a project under which the engineering, design, and construction services are provided by a single private entity or consortium that is selected as part of a single bidding process for the project.


(b) Notwithstanding ss. 84.01 (13), 84.06 (2), and 84.11 (5n), the department may utilize a design-build procurement process for the project specified in sub. (1) if all of the following conditions are met:


1. The contract is awarded through a competitive selection process that utilizes, at a minimum, contractor qualifications, quality, completion time, and cost as award criteria. To be eligible to participate in the selection process, a bidder must have prior experience in design and construction and must be prequalified by the department as a design consultant and as a contractor.


2. The contract is approved by the appropriate federal authority if, in the judgment of the secretary, such approval is necessary for purposes relating to state eligibility for federal aid.




(a) Notwithstanding s. 84.11 (5m), the bridge project specified in sub. (1) shall be funded only from the appropriations under s. 20.395 (3) (cq), (cv), and (cx).


(b) Door County shall contribute $1,500,000 to fund its share of the costs of the bridge project specified in sub. (1). The city of Sturgeon Bay shall acquire lands necessary for rights-of-way and other purposes, and construct or reconstruct as necessary all highway approaches, associated with construction of the bridge specified in sub. (1), but shall not otherwise be required to contribute to the costs of the bridge project specified in sub. (1).

84.115 - ANNOT.

History: 2005 a. 25.