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86.18 Milwaukee County highways; location, alteration, maintenance.


(1) The county board of any county having a population of 250,000 or more may acquire, establish, lay out, relocate, widen, enlarge, extend, pave, repave, improve and maintain county trunk highways therein, and when requested by resolution adopted by the governing body of any municipality situated therein, any other highway located in such municipality; to construct and lay water pipes, sewers, curbs, gutters and all other public facilities in such highways; to make assessments of benefits and damages, levy assessments, and issue assessment certificates and bonds in the making of and paying for said improvement to the same extent as is given to cities on the same subject matter.


(2) In acquiring property for any purpose covered by sub. (1) the county board shall proceed under ch. 32, except that the board shall determine the necessity of the taking, and the county highway commissioner shall perform all the duties of the commissioners in making awards and appraisals under s. 32.05.


(3) Any party to the condemnation proceedings may appeal from the award of the county highway commissioner in the manner provided for appeals from awards of commissioners in ch. 32 and such appeal shall be heard and delivered as are appeals in ch. 32.


(4) The county highway commissioner shall have all the powers now given to the city board of public works in making assessments of benefits and damages in highway improvements, and the same proceedings shall be had and taken after the highway commissioner's report is filed with the county clerk as by s. 66.0703 is had and taken in the report of such board of public works in city assessments. Notices of both the preliminary and final reports shall be published as a class 2 notice, under ch. 985, in the official county paper, and the date of hearing in each case shall not be earlier than 5 days after the last insertion. Appeals from the final determination of the highway commissioner may be had, and shall thereafter be heard as provided in s. 66.0703 (12) and such remedy shall be exclusive.

86.18 - ANNOT.

History: 1989 a. 31; 1991 a. 32; 1999 a. 150 s. 672.