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88.065 General procedure for drainage board hearings. If this chapter requires the drainage board to conduct a hearing before issuing an order and no other procedure is expressly provided, the following procedure applies:


(1) Upon receipt of the petition, the drainage board shall fix a time and place of hearing on the petition and shall give notice of the hearing as provided in s. 88.05 (2) (b) to the persons specified in s. 88.05 (4) (b).


(2) At the hearing, any interested person may appear and testify either for or against the petition or object to the report assessing costs. If the drainage board is satisfied that the proposed action will be in the best interests of the districts involved, the board shall grant the petition and issue the order, subject to the changes and conditions that the board considers advisable. Otherwise, the drainage board shall dismiss the petition.


(3) If a petition, which is basically the same in substance as a petition which has been decided or dismissed, is filed within 3 years after the dismissal, the drainage board may refuse to order a hearing on the petition or to take any other action with respect to the petition.


(4) Except as provided in sub. (5), all meetings of the drainage board are subject to subch. V of ch. 19.




(a) A gathering of drainage board members solely for one or more of the following purposes is not a meeting, as defined in s. 19.82 (2):


1. Observing, supervising or undertaking the construction, maintenance or improvement of drains.


2. Observing, supervising or undertaking the construction or maintenance of highways, railroads, bridges, utilities or other similar structures that may affect drains in any drainage district.


3. Collecting information by observation, survey or measurement or by discussions with an affected landowner at the site of a drainage ditch or a proposed drainage ditch.


4. Responding to natural disasters affecting a drain.


(b) Any action taken by a drainage board under par. (a) shall be reported by the board's secretary at the next meeting of the drainage board for inclusion in the board's minutes.


(c) A drainage board may not take any action at a gathering under par. (a) if the action will result in an increase in the assessment against any property in the drainage district.

88.065 - ANNOT.

History: 1993 a. 456.

88.065 - ANNOT.

NOTE: 1993 Wis. Act 456, which creates this section, contains extensive explanatory notes.