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88.07 General rules; drainage proceedings in court.


(1) All objections made to the jurisdiction of the court or to the sufficiency or legality of any petition or report shall be in writing. The objections shall be set forth clearly and in detail and shall be filed with the clerk of court before the hearing.


(2) Several petitions may be filed in any proceeding. At any time before the sufficiency of the signers of the petitions has been adjudicated, additional signers may be added to the petitions with like effect as if they had signed the original petition.


(3) At any time before but not after the hearing has begun on any petition filed under this chapter, any petitioner may withdraw his or her name from the petition upon filing in court an undertaking with sufficient sureties to be approved by the court. The undertaking shall be conditioned that if the withdrawal of names reduces the number of signers below the number required by the section under which the petition is filed and thereby deprives the court of jurisdiction, the withdrawing petitioner will pay into court the costs of the drainage proceeding incurred prior to and including the making and entry of the order denying the relief requested in the petition and will pay into court the expenses incurred on the petition before his or her withdrawal.


(4) For satisfactory cause the court may adjourn any hearing for a period of not more than one month at any one adjournment. The adjournment of any meeting or hearing beyond the time, or failure to act within the time, provided in this chapter does not affect the jurisdiction of either the court or the drainage board, but a subsequent hearing shall be had and notice of the time and place thereof shall be given.


(5) Any hearing under this chapter may be adjourned by the court or presiding judge or, in his or her absence, by the clerk of court.

88.07 - ANNOT.

History: 1977 c. 135, 449; 1993 a. 456.