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88.08 Costs in drainage proceedings.


(1) In all proceedings under this chapter involving a petition to the court, the court shall by order tax the taxable costs of the proceeding. If costs are taxed against the drainage board, they shall not go against the board members personally but shall be paid out of the district funds or from funds received from the petitioners unless the court orders otherwise.


(2) If a petition for organization of a drainage district is dismissed before the appointment of a drainage board in the county, the order taxing costs shall be entered against the petitioners and in favor of any person who advanced moneys, rendered services or incurred other liabilities in prosecuting or contesting such proceedings, for the amount of such moneys, services and incurred liabilities.


(3) If proceedings are dismissed in any case where a drainage board has been appointed in the county, the order taxing costs shall be entered against the petitioners and in favor of the board for all costs, expenses and liabilities incurred by the board or by any other person in prosecuting or contesting such proceedings and for the benefit of those who have rendered services or advanced or loaned money in prosecuting or contesting such proceedings.


(4) Before any order taxing costs is entered, a petitioner or the board or a person contesting the proceedings shall file with the clerk of the court a duly verified itemized statement of all costs, attorney fees, and other liabilities incurred in prosecuting or contesting such proceedings, upon which an order shall be issued requiring the petitioners to show cause why an order taxing costs should not be entered against them for the amount of costs, attorneys' fees and other liabilities. Notice of hearing of such order to show cause shall be given to the petitioners as provided in s. 88.05 (3). Such order need not contain an itemized statement of such account, but shall state where such account is filed.


(5) The petitioners shall, between themselves, contribute to the payment of such costs in proportion to the number of acres of land owned by them within the boundaries of the district or proposed district at the time of filing the petition.

88.08 - ANNOT.

History: 1977 c. 449; 2005 a. 253.