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88.18 County treasurer to serve as treasurer of drainage districts.


(1) The county treasurer shall serve as treasurer of all drainage districts under the jurisdiction of the drainage board. All moneys collected for or payable to any such drainage district shall be turned over to or paid to the county treasurer and shall be paid out by the treasurer only upon proper warrants of the drainage board. The county treasurer may retain for the benefit of the county a portion of the interest received on drainage district funds held by the county treasurer, not to exceed the cost to the county treasurer of providing services to the drainage board under this chapter, the cost to the zoning administrator of maintaining drainage board records under s. 88.19 and the cost to the zoning administrator of providing copies of drainage board records to the drainage board.


(2) The county treasurer shall keep a separate account for each drainage district in which the treasurer shall charge such district with all amounts paid out on its behalf pursuant to sub. (1) and shall credit the district with:


(a) All sums received in payment of drainage assessments of that district, including penalties and interest on the sums.


(e) All other sums received on account of the drainage district other than interest received on drainage district funds held by the county treasurer.


(3) The drainage board may appoint a treasurer who shall act as the deputy of the county treasurer. The drainage board may assign any part or all of the county treasurer's duties under this chapter to the drainage board treasurer. The drainage board treasurer shall be reimbursed for actual and reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of the treasurer's duties in the same manner as provided for drainage board member expenses under s. 88.17 (8). The drainage board shall require a bond from the drainage board treasurer in an amount, set by the board, that is sufficient to exceed the greatest amount of funds expected to be held in his or her custody, and with the sureties that the drainage board requires. The bond shall be conditioned in substantially the same form as the ordinary bond required from the county treasurer, with the necessary changes.

88.18 - ANNOT.

History: 1987 a. 378; 1991 a. 316; 1993 a. 456.