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88.23 Power of board to levy assessments for costs.


(1) In addition to the assessments for cost of construction authorized by s. 88.35, the board may issue orders to levy assessments for costs of maintenance and repair or for any other lawful expenditures of a drainage district. All of the assessments shall be apportioned on the confirmed benefits then in effect in the district assessed.


(2r) The board may authorize one or more owners of land in a drainage district to prepare a proposed assessment for cost of construction or maintenance and repair.


(3) Assessments made under this section are subject to ss. 88.40 to 88.43. In no case may the total assessments against any land exceed the benefits assessed against that land unless an interested person agrees to pay such excess and furnishes the drainage board with sufficient security for the excess benefits or unless the assessment is for the purpose of covering the cost of repair and maintenance as defined in s. 88.63.


(4) The board may borrow money and issue notes or bonds based upon any assessments levied under this section in the same manner as for original assessments.

88.23 - ANNOT.

History: 1971 c. 67; 1993 a. 456.