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88.32 Report to the court.


(1) Within 30 days after the final adjournment of the hearing provided for in s. 88.29, the board shall report in writing to the court:


(a) Whether the petition has the required number of signers;


(b) Whether the lands described in the petition will be improved by drainage;


(c) Whether other lands in the vicinity, draining to, from, or through the proposed drains, require drainage and if so a description of the same;


(d) Whether such drainage is feasible;


(e) Whether the public health or public welfare will be promoted by the proposed work;


(f) Whether the drains proposed in the petition will best accomplish the drainage prayed for and the area that should be drained;


(g) Whether the benefits from such work will exceed the cost of construction by the required amount;


(h) Such other facts as in the opinion of the board will aid the court in its decision upon the report.


(2) The board may recommend to the court an increase or decrease in the area proposed in the petition to be drained. If the proposed drains are not satisfactory the board shall recommend other drains.


(3) In determining whether public health and welfare will be promoted, the board shall include in its consideration whether the cumulative effect of such drainage over a period of time will affect the temperature of the water of lakes or streams, or will lower the water levels of lakes or streams or of the subterranean sources that supply private and public water systems, and whether the general need for the type of land that will be made available for cultivation or other purposes by such drainage is sufficiently great to warrant the possible harmful effects described above.


(3m) If the area of the proposed district exceeds 200 acres, the report shall be submitted to the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection before it is filed with the court. Within 45 days after receipt of the report, the department shall return it with a copy of the report prepared under s. 88.11 (3) with its recommendation for approval or disapproval for the creation of the district.


(4) The board shall attach to its report proof of the service of notice of hearing on the petition together with a copy of its minutes of such hearing.

88.32 - ANNOT.

History: 1993 a. 246, 456; 2007 a. 121.