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88.55 Refunding district obligations.


(1) The drainage board may refund bonds of the district and issue new bonds of the district payable over a term determined by the board. The aggregate principal amount of the new bonds shall not exceed the aggregate principal amount of the refunded bonds and the unpaid accrued interest on them. The new bonds shall bear interest at a rate approved by the board.


(2) When bonds of the district have been refunded or are about to be refunded under sub. (1), the board may, on petition of one or more landowners or of the board, extend the time in which to pay assessments for construction to September 1 next preceding the due date of a like portion of the refunding bonds which are liens thereon. In such event, the face of all unpaid past due assessments so extended, together with all interest, penalties and charges, shall be a lien on the lands against which the assessments were originally made. The board may make all orders and do all other things necessary to carry into effect the extension of time.

88.55 - ANNOT.

History: 1993 a. 456.