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88.79 Consolidation of drainage districts in process of organization.


(1) Two or more drainage districts petitioned for or in the process of organization may, upon order of the court, be consolidated to form a single drainage district. The order of consolidation may be issued only after a public hearing as specified in this section.


(2) The consolidation process may be initiated either by the court on its own motion, by recommendation of the board made to the court, or by petition signed by the owners of at least 10% of the lands in each of the districts sought to be consolidated. If such districts are under the jurisdiction of different courts, the proceeding shall be conducted by the court having jurisdiction of the larger area.


(3) The court shall fix a time and place of a hearing on the proposed consolidation and shall cause notice of the hearing to be given under s. 88.05 (1) (b) to the persons specified in s. 88.05 (4) (b). If the court after the hearing is of the opinion that the drainage districts would be benefited by the proposed consolidation, it shall so order, giving a name to the consolidated district.

88.79 - ANNOT.

History: 1993 a. 456.