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881.05 Retention of securities by trustees.


(1) Unless the trust instrument or a court order specifically directs otherwise, a trustee shall not be required to dispose of any property, real or personal, or mixed, in the estate or trust, however acquired, until the trustee determines in the exercise of a sound discretion that it is advisable to dispose of the same; but nothing herein contained shall excuse the trustee from the duty to exercise discretion at reasonable intervals and to determine at such times the advisability of retaining or disposing of such property.


(2) Any heir or beneficiary shall have the right at any time to file an application with the court in which said estate or trust is being administered for the purpose of compelling the sale of such property so held, and to compel the investment of the proceeds in other investments which are in accordance with this chapter. Upon the filing of such application said court shall conduct a hearing, after giving to all persons interested in said estate or trust such notice as shall be designated by said court, and upon such hearing said court shall enter an order thereon directing the retention or sale of such property as may be for the best interests of said estate or trust.

881.05 - ANNOT.

History: 1971 c. 41 s. 8; Stats. 1971 s. 881.05.