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94.02 Abatement of pests.


(1) If the department finds any premises, or any plants, plant parts, or pest-harboring materials located thereon are so infested or infected with injurious pests as to constitute a hazard to plant or animal life in the state, or any area thereof, it may notify the owner or person having charge of such premises to that effect, and the owner or person in charge shall, within 10 days after such notice, cause the treatment of the premises or the treatment or removal and destruction of infested or infected plants, host plants or other pest-harboring material as directed in the notice. No person may violate the terms of any notice received under this subsection, nor may any damages be awarded to the owner for such treatment, removal or destruction. Any person affected by a notice or order may appeal to the department and request a hearing under s. 94.01 (2).


(2) If the owner or person in charge fails to comply with the terms of the notice, within 10 days after receiving it, the department or any cooperating local unit of government may proceed to treat the premises or to treat or destroy the infested or infected plants or other material. The expense of such abatement shall be certified to the town, city or village clerk and assessed, collected and enforced against the premises upon which such expense was incurred as taxes are assessed, collected, and enforced, and shall be paid to the cooperating unit of government incurring the expense, or into the general fund if the control work was conducted by the department.


(3) If a serious pest outbreak constituting a significant threat to agricultural production or plant life occurs, and cannot be adequately controlled by individual property owners or local units of government in any area of this state, the department may petition the joint committee on finance for emergency funds with which to conduct needed control work independently or on a cooperative basis with the federal or local units of government.


(4) This section pertains to the abatement of pests on agricultural lands and on agricultural business premises. This section does not affect the authority of the department of natural resources under ch. 26.

94.02 - ANNOT.

History: 1975 c. 394 ss. 5, 19; 1975 c. 421; Stats. 1975 s. 94.02; 1977 c. 418; 1981 c. 20.